The Normal Fire: Country Life in Azerbaijan

There’s something totally mysterious about cooking over an open fire. Fire unites us for sharing a dinner, however for encountering enduring snapshots of giggling, love, and local area. 카지노사이트

In the Normal Fire, we find how societies across the world are joined by a typical love of cooking over an open fire. In this release, we take a gander at provincial life in Azerbaijan where Aziza and her family care for their town and offer their existence with the world with their famous Youtube channel, “Country Life Video blog.”

“We love to share what we do at open country, draw in with nature, and make the most out of town life” — the Country Life Video blog

Meet Aziza and Her Loved ones
On the off chance that you peruse Youtube searching for motivation for your next recipe, you will undoubtedly run over the Country Life Video blog. A long way from the clamor of Azerbaijan’s capital and settled underneath the More prominent Caucasus mountains, Aziza and her family carry on with a day to day existence based on delightful food and difficult work.

The core of the Country Life Video blog is Aziza and her loved ones. They rise right on time to tend their nursery, chickens, and cows, and accumulate new elements for their feasts, and now and again construct the stove expected to make the dish! Everything the difficult work is finished cheerfully. Watching their recordings, you can’t resist the urge to feel their energy for family and life in the open country.

Simply a year prior, Aziza’s child and expert culinary specialist, Amiraslan, was working in an eatery in their country’s capital of Baku. Tragically, the eatery had to close because of the pandemic. Amiraslan considered this to be a valuable chance to share their district’s dishes and lifestyle with the world. Amiraslan got back to his local town and started to make recordings of his family at work getting ready comfortable and encouraging dishes over an open fire. In a year, their Youtube channel has accumulated more than 450,000 endorsers with a significant number of their recordings arriving at north of 1,000,000 perspectives.

Cooking the Azerbaijani Way

Open-fire cooking is the foundation of Aziza and her family’s legacy. Customary Azerbaijani cooking is finished over wooden coals utilizing an iron dish called a saj. Some time in the past, Azerbaijani’s progenitors were itinerant. They made the saj to fulfill any kinds of cooking need and could undoubtedly stash in their pack when the time had come to get progressing. A saj is a marginally domed dish that looks like a shallow wok utilized for cooking and bread making, contingent upon which side of the cushion is utilized. Meat and vegetables can be broiled, singe, or stewed when the saj is put vault side down. Breads, like flatbreads, hotcakes, and crepes, can be made when the vault side is put descending. 바카라사이트

Most of their dishes include new spices and vegetables that apparently sprout from the beginning they walk.

Quite possibly of their most watched video shows how they make a conventional Azerbaijani dish called Ajapsandali. Ajapsandali is a vegetable stew like ratatouille including tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, ringer peppers, egg plant, horseradish leaves, mint, fennel, and, surprisingly, cherry leaves. The vegetables and spices are washed, cut, and set in a glass holder with salt water and pepper to saline solution. An open air fire is struck, the saj is set over the fire. After onions are broiled on the container with a benevolent measure of spread, Aziza adds the tenderized vegetables to saj and permits the fixings to stew prior to presenting with flatbread.

The way that Aziza and her family are vegetable ranchers doesn’t imply that meat is off the menu. T-bone steak, and turkey loaded down with carrots, apples, and lemon are only a portion of the divine dishes that effortlessness their pit fire. 온라인카지

In the event that you’re enlivened to make some delightful open air fire dishes the Country Life Video blog way, we’ve accumulated a few recipes utilizing a skillet like the saj for you to attempt at home or on your next experience.

Saj-Broiled Chicken with Vegetables

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