Physically Fit vs Mentally Strong: The Answer Might Surprise You

One night after coming home from the gym, I told my husband that I was exhausted and he said “you know, it doesn’t matter how much you take care of your physical well-being. If you neglect your mental health, you will feel like sh*t more often than you want to.” 카지노사이트 And it got me thinking, I mean we read a lot of articles about how to be mentally strong but there aren’t as many that talk about the importance of physical well-being. Physically fit or mentally strong? What comes first?

Unfortunately, it’s usually not until our mental issues start to affect our physical health that we seek professional help. Sadly but very true in my case and others that I have encountered and spoken to, which prompted me to write this article.

I remembered seeing this quote by Søren Kierkegaard’s philosophical novel “Either/Or” and it goes like “It may at times have occurred to you, dear reader, to doubt somewhat the accuracy of that familiar philosophical thesis that the outer is the inner and the inner is the outer.” – I think this is the best introduction to yet another contrast of human existence: physical vs. mental.

After all, both Kierkegaard’s survey from 1843 and our digitally-native blog post aim to answer the same question: “How should we live?” There’s no doubt that our bodily ordeals go hand in hand with our superior minds.

But does one trump the other? If the outer is the inner, and vice versa, then where does our well-being begin? 바카라사이트

I’ve always been an active person but a few years back, I seriously neglected my mental well-being, simply because I was a workaholic until I was burned out and couldn’t get out of bed. The

The key, as they said in everything, is a healthy balance.

Here’s why physical and mental health can’t do without each other, just as well as why you need to achieve both.

Table of Contents

  • The Strength in Unity
  • How One Affects the Other
  • Which One Is More Important, Body Or Mind?
  • Can We Achieve Fulfillment Without Both?
  • How Mental Strength Improves Physical Fitness
  • How Physical Fitness Improves Mental Strength
  • Find Your Balance

The Strength in Unity

Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked. Together, or not at all, they allow us to find a happy balance between ourselves and our surroundings. Most importantly, staying physically fit and mentally strong is the ultimate recipe for retaining the best possible quality of life. 온라인카지

Mental strength is a reward that we earn for taking good care of our emotional depths, which makes it both a consequence and the clearest sign of our overall psychological well-being.

Essentially, it includes our abilities to deal with difficulties, manage our feelings, objectively perceive yourselves and build fulfilling relationships with others.

Just like physical fitness, mental hygiene can be accomplished only with hard work.

Nonetheless, a modern man is mostly focused on keeping appearances. Since harmony of body and mind is a theme as old as time, it’s somewhat odd that we place emphasis on one, but not the other.

The Importance of Invisible Effects

While physical shape leaves a more visible trace on the surface, psychological processes take place in the inner realms of our being. In relation to health, terms “mental”, “psychological” and “emotional” are interchangeable, even though our outwardly emotional expressions are not the most secure indicator of our mental state.

Sometimes, we cry when we are happy. Other times, we laugh in spite of our sadness. Ultimately, that’s the most obvious difference between physical and mental aspects of human existence: while first is easily measured and noticeable, the other requires honest and thorough introspection.

Perhaps this is the reason that we often fail to detect the root of our health-related problems. They may appear in physically fit people as well, and then they are an unambiguous symptom of a neglected psyche.

The Negligence Goes Both Ways

Still, it’s not so rare that our negligence goes in the opposite direction. Take self-help books, for instance. Providing guidance to those in search of fulfillment, happiness, and success, they almost never talk about physical well-being. In the grand majority of cases, the power of the mind is their primary concern.

Worldwide, self-help literature is deemed slightly controversial. There are, however, some brilliant examples of the genre, written by professional psychologists and examiners of human behavior and soul. The undoubted expertise of these authors is simultaneously their nearsightedness, leading them to believe that mental spheres are exclusively responsible for personal growth.

The same way that depression is likely to be missed by professionals who care for physically sick patients, the importance of regular exercise and balanced diet is likely to be overlooked by experts who attend to emotional needs. Inconsiderate separation of the two goes both ways, which is a reason more for us, as individuals, to take a more holistic approach.

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