How to Be a Great Board Member

A good board member brings passion and energy to the board. They are aware of their responsibilities, and are able to set the direction for the company to meet its business goals and legal obligations. They are familiar with the company’s culture, operations as well as its vision, mission, and values. They are also aware of the roles and responsibilities of the board and the guidelines for good governance.

It is crucial that a great board member is willing to challenge and challenge major decisions. This is usually done via questions or challenges designed to assist the CEO in identifying an issue that they may not have seen, look further into the future than the CEO would, or encourage a new perspective. A great board member can handle this in a respectful way and without appearing personally offensive or threaty.

The best boards are comprised of board members who are committed to the cause of the organization and inspire others. They are also able to communicate effectively and make quick decisions. It is also important that a great board member be prepared for any board meetings and related events. This includes arriving to the meeting with an complete understanding of the agenda, documents for the board and committee reports, and having their questions prepared.

The ability to be a successful board member is as much about attitude as it is about background, expertise or education. The best board members consider how their actions will benefit the organization and other board members. They don’t personalize their debates and seek to resolve conflicts and can offer solutions that bring together opposing sides of a problem.

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