Here’s How To Nail An Irresistible Food Blog

Hey there foodies! Do you love food? Is cooking, experimenting with recipes or dining in and out something you fancy doing? Then it’s high time you start your very own food blog! Kristie Hill of shares her top five tips for all you aspiring food bloggers to kick-start an incredible food blog like a pro. Give it a read! 카지노사이트

1. Focus on photography

It’s no secret that attracting photography makes a food blog unique because the photography is what draws people in. If it’s in the budget, invest in equipment that will make taking great pictures easier. More than that, learn how to use that fancy DSLR and learn the tricks for taking great pictures. If you’re not there yet, get really good at taking phone photos.

2. Learn your platform

Platform means the tools or sources for you to post your recipes, food finds and tips online. The most popular are WordPress, Blogger and Squarespace. Alternatively, a lot of foodies use Instagram or Facebook to microblog or Youtube to vlog. So, get familiar with your platform of choice and set it up like a pro.

3. Make blog friends

Find some food blogger friends. Comment on their posts. Share their recipes on your social platforms. As you establish relationships with bloggers, 바카라사이트 they’ll engage on your posts too. It is also very rewarding to have friends that understand what it’s like to be a food blogger because they speak your language. Your food blog friends will understand the struggle to get the perfect angle/lighting while you photographing food. The support and encouragement you get from food bloggers will make the job easier.

4. Learn from the pros

Pay close attention to how and what the bloggers you admire are doing. Read through the advice they share. Follow their social media accounts then build your own techniques by observing their way of work.

5. Be present on social media

Connect with people. Try to style your writing and social media posts in first person style and speak to your readers using articulate vocabulary. 온라인카지 Interact with your readers, reply to their comments, ask them questions, be interested, and encourage feedback. Frame your posts and recipes around starting a thought-provoking conversation. Think of your blog more as a community, not a website. A big win for Facebook and bloggers are groups. Join food blogger groups related to your niches and join foodie communities that are open to all. Instagram is also a platform many food bloggers are using to reach out and connect with their audience, for photos of scrumptious treats can inspire and connect them with you.

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