Beliefs – why do we have them and how did we get them?

The day I sat down to write this article the news was rather like any other day. A teenager had been found guilty of plotting to behead a British soldier. 카지노사이트 Fighting had broken out again in Ukraine. Greece was accusing its creditors of being motivated by ideology rather than economic reality. Some English football fans were filmed racially abusing a man on the Paris subway. In post-Occupy Hong Kong, a clash over “artistic differences” within the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra was turning nasty. Admittedly, all of that day’s stories were unique in themselves. But at the root they were all about the same thing: the powerful and very human attribute we call belief.

Beliefs define how we see the world and act within it; without them, there would be no plots to behead soldiers, no war, no economic crises, no racism and no showdowns between musicians. There would also be no cathedrals, no nature reserves, no science and no art. Whatever beliefs you hold, it’s hard to imagine life without them. Beliefs, more than anything else, are what make us human. They also come so naturally that we rarely stop to think how bizarre belief is.

In 1921, philosopher Bertrand Russell put it succinctly when he described belief as “the central problem in the analysis of mind”.

I have met many of the famous fighting Lee family and their entourage, when watching Angela and Christian Lee compete several times at ONE Championship events in 2019 and 2022.

They are a personable bunch, who travel en masse and stick together. They packed out the media rooms before and after Christian won his second MMA title in November, watching on proudly and hanging on his every word as I interviewed him, while his and Angela’s young daughters ran around causing harmless havoc.

But I was really looking forward to watching their younger sibling fight live in person for the first time this weekend, with Victoria Lee finally set to return – after more than 15 months out – against India’s Zeba Bano at ONE on Prime Video 6 in Bangkok. 바카라사이트

Tragically, Victoria has died at the age of 18 on December 26. The news was confirmed on Saturday by Angela Lee.

“Please, check on your loved ones. Keep checking on them. Give them hugs and tell them how much they mean to you,” ONE’s atomweight champion wrote.

There is something especially sad about generational young athletes not fulfilling their destinies, and winning the trophies and titles their immense talent demanded – even more so when their lives end too soon.

An atomweight in mixed martial arts, Victoria’s rapid rise to prominence – three quick finishes in three fights for ONE – all came in 2021, amid the coronavirus pandemic, at a closed-door Singapore Indoor Stadium. I watched her from home in Hong Kong, in awe. 온라인카지노

Victoria Sun-hei Lee was born on May 17, 2004 in Wahiawa, Hawaii, to Chinese-Singaporean father Ken Lee, who would later become her coach, and South-Korean-born Canadian mother Jewelz Lee.

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