Avast Secure Browser Review

If you use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, you may not give alternative web browsers a second look. Avast Secure is a good choice when you’re looking for a browser that puts an emphasis on security and privacy. The Chromium browser comes with the ability to click-reference VPN as well as an ad blocker. other features.

You can alter the settings of the ad blocker and set the mode to strict to block the most persistent ads. It also supports the uBlock Origin plug-in, which offers dynamic filters and third-party lists to provide secure data storage better control. Its phishing protection will keep you from fraudulent websites while its banking mode keeps your passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information from the prying eyes of others.

Tab grouping is another feature that helps you navigate multiple tabs by keeping them organized. It is able to sync bookmarks, history and other information across platforms to allow you to continue browsing from where you have left off. It also blocks online ads to dramatically speed up loading times on websites.

If you’re already familiar with Google Chrome, you’ll feel at ease with Avast’s browser, as it appears almost identical. It allows you to import all of your bookmarks, settings for configuration and other optional features. The only drawback is that it sends usage statistics and crash reports to Avast’s servers, which you can change at secure://settings/importData. However, it’s a good browser with a variety of privacy and security features that could be an excellent alternative to big three.

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